Surrounding area can be characterized as an island Daugava River in the lower reaches of the river that separates the right bank Sarkandaugavas arm. The island has a length of 2.7 kilometers in width - one kilometer, the total area - 1.8 square kilometers. Modern shape contours Kundzinsala started getting in the beginning of 19th century when it was expanded navigable channel of the River Daugava, built a levee. Kundzinsala dam along the Daugava and the surrounding uninhabited islands is 4.5 km long. To that area, there is also inhabited Shoemakers and Horse Island, which connects a particular dam. Branches in the south of replenishing the sand dredged adding Birds (Duck) islands. Mostly covered in scrub areas, but most are sandy, with small lawns.

"Provodniks" factory was founded in 1988. There produced various rubber products, technical and surgical purposes, leggings, car tires, fire hoses, insulation materials and rubber toys (balls). The company's future prospects did not disappoint himself, and pretty soon since its establishment it became famous not only in Tsarist Russia, but all over the world. During World War I the factory equipment was evacuated to Moscow, but after the war the company's shareholders, unfortunately, failed to fully restore the operation of the factory 1928th year it was closed.

More than 100 residential buildings are in the settlement of Kundzinsalas. Western part of the island occupied Riga sea trade port and container terminal complex. Riga Commercial Port Container Terminal is the largest of its kind in the Baltic Sea terminal in eastern coast. However, the settlement of Kundzinsalas is still a quiet rustic atmosphere. It is interesting that the classic apartment mailboxes located at the crossroads together, rather than at the apartment door, as is customary in town.

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